Czech Republic announced the European Championship 12 people list, led by Sautolanski _NBANBA news
NBA August 29 news Czech Republic today announced the team to participate in the Beijing time (Click gameusd.com to buy NBA 2K18 MT,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) August 31 for the European Championship 12 people list, the Wizards player Tomas - Sator Lanski led. In addition to the 12-person squad, Patrik Auda, Jarmoir Bohacik, Vojtech Hruban, Martin Kriz, Tomas Kyzlink, Lukas Peterka, Simon Pursl, Jakub Sirina, Kamil Svrdlik, Jiri Welsch. Former NBA player Jan - Wessley was selected for fatigue in the European Championship. Bill and Wall Teammates contribute to hurricane-affected Houston
According to the Washington Post reporter Candace Buckner reported that Harvey hurricane raging to Houston devastated, Washington Wizards John - Wall and Bradley - Bill decided to lend a helping hand. They both teamed up with teammates to send money to people in the southeastern Texas area affected by hurricanes and historic floods. As of the local time on Monday, the players have donated $ 250,000, this figure is expected to increase. According to a team source, Markey - Morris and Otto - Potter is the first to reply to information and donate two players. The player's own fundraising campaign has been extended to the entire team, team owner Ted Leonsis, team president Ernie - Glenfield and coach Scott - Brooks are each in the name of the private donation to the American Red Cross. ; John and Bradley have set up a group to help the people of Houston, and I think we should help each other, Brooks said, and it was so moving that I was proud of them that they expanded the group to help Texas suffer Of people. Wizards and the Houston area have a lot of origins, Brooks has played for the Rockets for three seasons, and follow the team won the 1994 championship, in addition to Brooks, point guard Tim Frazier and striker Sheldon - Mike Both are from Houston, (welcome to gameusd.com buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
and they are still in Houston. Local time Monday night, McClellan urged him to be trapped in the house, because the flood rose higher. Wizards striker Kelly - Ubud also called Houston his own home. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina left his nine-year-old Umbrella home in New Orleans and lived in Houston for several years before moving to high school in Las Vegas. Brooks and friends stay in Houston, many of them have given up their homes. According to official sources, the hurricane has killed nine people and is expected to have 6.1 cm of rainfall on Thursday. "It's unprecedented," said Brooks, and we've all had a big storm, but never seen that, and I mean, I just got some information by watching TV and the web, and you could see some areas that were devastating Hit, and then communicate with my friends that the situation is really very grim. They must leave the house and go to a safe place. It is very sad. The Wizards' self-organized donations are on the rise and the players are encouraging others to donate to the American Red Cross, a team source said. Jazz rookie Goss and European team Belgrade guerrilla signed for 2 years _NBANBA News
NBA August 29 hearing Jazz in the first two rounds of the 25 final pick of the University of Gonzalez defense Nigel - Williams - Goss announced his and the European team Belgrade guerrilla basketball club signed for two years. I am so lucky enough to have the opportunity to sign with such a giants, I am looking forward to. Goss wrote. Goss height 1.91 meters, weight 88 kg, wingspan 2.01 meters, he NCAA averaged 32.7 minutes last season, can get 16.8 points and 6.0 rebounds and 4.7 assists and 1.7 steals.

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Sang Pauli: Messi and Dibala must be complementary; Argentina needs Icardi _FIFA 18 International Soccer News
FIFA 18 Aug. 30 Argentina's coach Sang Pauli attended a press conference with Uruguay, and for Uruguay, Sang Pauli said he would try tactical changes in the game. Defend Uruguay's significance: Every game is decisive, and if we play badly in Uruguay, then we have to make sure that the remaining three wins. We must be patient, but also to know that the loss is not a full disk are lost, but every game is a decisive battle. Every minute we get will help us move forward to our goal. We will be full of attack, we wear this shirt is responsible for every three points, only victory to ensure that we qualify. Meet the national team players: We have been preparing for today's game from a long time ago, and we have to talk to every international character, that is, to ensure that we can enter the game in the best possible way. I hope that our team and the players are eager, so we want to keep in touch with the players. We talked about all the possible tactics and thoughts in the conversation, and today we need to emphasize the personality and passion of the players, and now our players are very active in the desire to play, I think our national team is now full of passion. & Mdash; & mdash; how to win? We hope that through a clear offensive ideas, in the same with a good at home opponents opponents who reduce their strengths, and strive for access to the opportunity, our players need both courage, but also need to know how to play such a game. We need to attack, need to oppress opponents, so that they stay away from our restricted area, because our team in the competition and the protection of the restricted area is not so advantage. Want to win, must attack, no offensive tactics is not possible in such a game to win. Arbitration court dismisses Bolivia appeals: court decisions We do not have any evaluation, we did not participate in such things, so naturally there is nothing to say. (visit our site gameusd.com to buy NFL 18 coins Mobile,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)We only focus on their own things. Of course, in such a race, when we are so close to each other, I certainly want our opponents planted somersault. But the judge finally decides the score to stay in Chile, and we must accept the result. Now we have to do is to return to reality, and then fight for the location of the World Cup, which is what we all hope. If we can not be strong enough, everything will be very complicated. Now the most important thing is to adjust the mentality, against Uruguay, everything can be reversed. Suarez's magic comeback: Suarez is undoubtedly a valuable resource, if Suarez played, then the whole game will change, this is Uruguay's hands ace, because it is their The best players, this and Stuarty appearances are two concepts. We are now the news is that Suarez can play or unknown. We rarely go for a certain player to ask his teammates, of course, if Suarez in Uruguay can put 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, so we have to deal with many aspects, so as to solve them Any possible evolutions. We must be ready, Uruguay is a dare to take advantage of the space of the team. & Mdash; & mdash; team's current status? Yesterday we conducted a joint training, today is the other training, including two different tactics and formation, we will undoubtedly be in the game to make some tactical adjustments, our team has not yet formed, there may be a Clear tactics, but in the end are likely to change. This is a national concern game, we must do all kinds of preparation. Of course, Uruguay is likely to suppress us, but we must take the initiative to seek victory. Before the game, we will decide whether to send a wing or a side guard. What we need now is a player who can provide depth, especially in the face of the restricted area, we are not in the opponent's consideration, more because we consider the attack, of course, this is not to say that we will not There are other changes. Mascherano or Fazio? Fazio is doing well in defense integration, good at the defense of the restricted area, and Mascher is closer to the free man, able to provide strength and speed, and very good prejudgment. The difference between the two of them is different, Masche is now in good condition, can play, our next decision needs and players and the characteristics of the game, for example, the characteristics of the player is not consistent with the requirements of the game. & Mdash; & mdash; Ikardi's starting? We need to look at the process of a national team game, we now need is not only a goal, but also to assist the offensive striker, which is why we choose Icardi. Now we have not yet entered the World Cup, in such a short period of time, Argentina is to do is to let each player's characteristics and advantages to play out. & Mdash; & mdash; Higuain was rejected When we talk to Higuain, we have explained why we will not call him, we have made it very clear that everyone is waiting for him, hope he can come up with a strong performance to prove that they deserve to return to the national team, Higuain is a great striker. Mace and Dibala's new combination We now need to be clear that the two people can not be complementary, because if not to open, because forced to let them start partner will only affect the team. We have to do is to let the national team in the whole can be a chemical reaction. Macey's role is now full of expectations of participating in the World Cup, and the ability to direct the world's best players for me is very important, we look at his training, his active running on the pitch, We hope to move through the players to help the team in the game to deal with possible problems, and help the team promotion. "Everyone here has a chance to play, and Bennettito is in a very good state now, and we have to take this opportunity." We also need to see if he can and national team reconnaissance, we have to communicate with him, hoping to send on Bennettito.


FIFA 18 GAME August 29 (Reuters) - Turin intends to sign Stoke City midfielder Insa in front of the transfer market. Turin is preparing to reinforce in the midfield position, it is learned that they rekindle the interest of Stoke City midfielder because of Bula. The French star joined Stoke City from Marseille in January 2016, when Stoke City spent a transfer fee of € 24 million. But last season, because Bula has gradually lost the main position in the city of Stoke. But the media also said that unless the offer reached 16 million euros, or Stoke City will not put Bula leave the team. Interested in the introduction of Shazley? Schalke Director: It is completely nonsense _FIFA 18 International Football News (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 GAME August 29th Schalke 04 sports director Haider recently interviewed when talking about the team recently and West Brom midfielder Shazley transfer rumors. Earlier, there have been Belgian media reported that Schalke 04 intention to introduce 28-year-old Shazley, while the other transfer fee asking price reached 28 million euros. For such rumors, Haider said: "This is completely nonsense. According to German media reports, Schalke 04 is currently pursuing Mainz midfielder Saprio. Sump Chairman: Juventus has been regretting the missed Sick _FIFA 18 International Soccer News
FIFA 18 GAME August 29th Samp chairman Ferrero accepted Radio Radio in an interview that Juventus had regretted losing Sick. Ferrero said:; Juventus has been regretting losing Sick. They want to do & lsquo; cheese and chili & rsquo; but they do not know i just eat & lsquo; tomato and basil sauce & rsquo ;. Hick will become the new Totti. ; Siklina joined Inter Milan Transfer fee is not 30 million euros, but 35 million euros. Juventus had agreed to introduce Sheikh for 30.5 million euros in early summer, but the deal was canceled because of a heart problem in the physical examination. But in the end Rome to buy the total price of 38 million euros after the introduction of the price of the introduction of Hick.(Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Real Madrid teenager: dream is not against Messi, but with Suarez Cavani play together _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 29th Uruguayan national team two new members Barwade and Lemos attended the national team yesterday's press conference, my dream is not against Messi, my dream is and Suarez And Cavani play together. I grew up on television to see the national team game, and now can play with such a player, simply incredible. I want to be able to take all the opportunities and learn something from everyone. Asked at a news conference about the feelings of Argentina and Messi, leased in Laco's Real Madrid midfielder Barrved said. And for their position, Barride said: The coach's approach is to choose the most suitable player, but if the coach chose me, then for me is a great encouragement. I was only 14 years old when Mr. Tavares was watching me, and can come to the national team is a very great thing. ; To join the national team for a 19-year-old player is already unimaginable things, my family is very supportive of me, my friends are asking me the feelings and asked me how the feeling in the national team. And the same is the first time into the national team, Las Palmas defender Le Moss said: to be able to join the national team I am very happy, hoping to enjoy the time in the national team, can come here really wonderful, this is me Childhood dreams. Did not expect to be able to enter the national team before, before I really concerned about the national team's selection, but in fact this is not very hearted. ; So be able to enter the national team is really happy, which for my football career is a wonderful moment, hoping to get the opportunity to play, it would be better. I know that I am a defender who can score goals, but the most important thing for me is defense. As for Suarez's injury and the possibility of playing Argentina, Lemos said:; for Louis players like this, anything can happen, anyone can see that kind of news will feel that he certainly can not. But to see his training and recovery photos, you will believe that he will certainly come.


What's the main season in China? NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
The new season is mainly in China which is the platform to broadcast the game by Zeng Weiwen published in the NFL 18 ·(Click gameusd.com to buy NFL 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NFL football field in the new season in China is mainly what is the platform broadcast game last season's main live platform music as unstable feel like a bankruptcy Feeling yesterday afternoon also off the network ... ... from NFL 18Android client MADDEN NFL series host version discussion posts - page 2 - NFL football field - NFL 18
Try [Green Bay News Courier] August 16: Packers are ready and Redskins second season preseason - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
Try the [Green Bay News Courier] August 16: Packers are ready and the Redskins of the second season preseason by Green Bay Leave out at the NFL 18 · NFL Rugby Field August 16 Green Bay Packers Team dynamics: Rogers does not play still full state; the ball has become the biggest drawbacks of attack group? Packers have traveled to Washington After last week's victory over the Hawks, the Packers will face three opponents of the National League in three days - Washington Redskins. This is the two teams in the preseason of the 26th fight, second only to the record with 30 between the giant. Last season in the regular season packers to 24-42 away defeat, and then a season before the packaging workers in the card race to win 35-18. A brief overview of the situation of the lineup: the packaging workers will send 89 people, including offensive group of 44 people, defense group of 41 people, special crew of 4 people. Of these people, 41 were rookie, 43 players (36 people have been signed by Green Bay), 53 at least after the sixth round was selected, up to 80 under the age of 80, will be Mike McCarthy (twelfth year ) Led. In addition, the offensive striker Don Barclay, outside took over the Malachi Dupre, cornerback Damarious Randall and line guard Vince Biegel because of injuries will not attend the Saturday game. Pay attention to block and protect the ball is the key this week, "in this regard we did last week and the Hawks game is not good enough, we did not break the block, which makes our ground attack can not meet the needs of our ball is also I can not accept it. "Coach Mike McCarthy commented, but he also praised the team's excellent defense and they played four times in the game opponents turnover performance, while the offensive team struggling with the performance of the ball is dwarfed. "We need to improve, maybe you can argue that this is the preseason, but you have to know the other teams in the league are moving forward in this area, but we are not." Coach group interview - some noteworthy players offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett: On a great performance, Jamaal Williams is a fast-paced player, and he will make progress in every game. He's the ability and attitude to protect the passer. He will continue to play. In the center position we gave more players the opportunity to showcase their training results.(Click gameusd.com to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Mobile,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)Defense Guarder Dom Capers: We were twice in the last week with two steals and twice in the sidewalk caused the end of the ball, we are from the chase to grab the most are very good. But we have three times turnover, or we will win with a big score Kyler Fackrell and Jayrone Elliott will be two outside of this week. Give them the opportunity, they are capable players, it will be very interesting, so that your defense becomes more flexible it. Secret Service Coordinator Ron Zook: BrettGoode and Trevor Davis's return done well. At the same time I will let Jeff continue to serve as kick-off role, before this is Randell's work, but I will give more young runaway opportunities. Steston Moss: Calvin and Gilbert, the two striker strikes are very good, and Talley and Josh are getting off, and I'm happy with the striker's performance. Vince Biegel, who wants to quit, will return to training. Defensive front coach Mike Trgovac: Dean Lowry When we just joined the team we let him play the outside, he is a very smart player, never make the same mistakes and have a good catch ability. He is progressing as expected. Darwin Perry: Marwin Evans finished a great steal, and Josh Jones finished his first show, and he did well, and I liked his style of play, but he had to make mistakes. You must concentrate on the game. Do not worry about Rogers even though he rarely played in the preseason. In this week whether he will still be pending, even so he still feel the 2017 season has long been prepared. "I feel very good," Rogers said, "my body is very good, in the side we do a lot of fitness training, after which I feel good.I will be in the third and wild horse preseason appearance, this It is very difficult for the training and the body to play there. "For the last week's game with the Hawks, Rogers was satisfied with his teammates' performance.


Clop: We need a better performance in the (welcome to gameusd.com to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Champions League qualifying round
Liverpool will be in the local time on Wednesday home usher in the second round of the Champions League qualifier, before the Red Army coach Klopp talked about his opponents Hoffenheim view, the impact of home operations and Kutiniao current situation.

Liverpool need in the two rounds of the Champions League qualifying victory over Hoffenheim in order to advance to the Champions League race, in the first leg of the two teams clash, the Red Army with Arnold's free kick and opponents from Oolong, the final 2-1 to do so To win.

Now the two teams will move to Anfield for the second round of the contest. Liverpool hopes to take advantage of the home of the first round of victories, and then they are bound to face Huffenheim's fierce counterattack. Faced with the fourth season of the Bundesliga Hoffenheim, Klopp did not dare to be taken lightly.

What about Clop's expectation of Wednesday's FIFA 18 GAME?

Is expected to be a football match! 100% (very intense). This week's FIFA 18 GAME compared with last week, the biggest difference is that we all understand the strength of Hoffenheim. I was very clear before the opponent is very strong, but I am very sure that many people in the UK do not know Hoffenheim has the strength - now everyone is very clear.

In my opinion, both sides of the contest has just been half, and now is the intermission, you have to make adjustments to adjust the matter to the right direction. The first leg is a great match, victory, and we need to perform better in the second round, things like that.

Anfield is a big influence, we are very clear, here is a special venue. Victory will not automatically come on your head, we must be good performance, play well - but we all know that the warm atmosphere of the scene will help us. I really hope that everyone is ready for the FIFA 18 GAME, everyone is ready to play battle.

If someone underestimates the performance of Hoffenheim, that we should rule the FIFA 18 GAME, every bad pass will lead to sighing voice, I will be very worried. But I believe that this situation will not happen, (welcome to gameusd.com buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) because I know we have the support of the fans, they are very clear opponents of the strength, so they are ready to fight, and we are ready to fight.

It is more dangerous to know whether it is clear that Hoffenheim,

It is the perspective of the problem, review the last season Bundesliga, if Hoffenheim ranked fifth, not the fourth, then go to the European Cup they will not be as happy as now. We are the same as the case of Hoffenheim, Liverpool and Hoffenheim are trying to play the Champions League race, we need to accept the challenge.

Last season we have been trying to reach the Champions League, we got a good result in the first leg, at the Hoffenheim home victory is not easy, I do not think there are too many teams in the road to beat Hoffen Heim.

But if you take into account that they have nothing to lose, then you will not be taken lightly on the FIFA 18 GAME. You see how dangerous they are, we are doing well in the first leg, but we need to perform well in the second turn. And the media reported things are not important, you need to focus on the FIFA 18 GAME.

About respecting Hoffenheim and their style of play ...


Occupational American football grew rapidly in the mid-1960s, and in some surveys it became the most favorite sport in the United States. The American Football League (AFL) was founded in 1960 because many people want to benefit from the growth of the welcome level, and the NFL can not provide it, so a competitive coalition, the American Football League (AFL) was established in 1960. AFL introduced some NFL does not have the characteristics, such as the wider-open pass attack, the player embroidered on the shirt on the name, an official clock so that the audience know the rest of the game (NFL use the referee table to calculate the time, and cyclical Time). The new alliance also addresses the financial issues after establishing a broadcast rights sharing and cable television broadcast campaign.
AFL also forced (Click here to buy Mut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the NFL to expand: Dallas Cowboys set up against the AFL of the Dallas Texans. The Texans moved to Kansas to become chiefs in 1963; the Minnesota Vikings were NFL pellets from the AFL given to Max Winter; the Atlanta Falcons gave Ranki Smith to discourage him from buying AFL's Miami Dolphins.
The constant competition between the NFL and the AFL is almost beyond the spirit of the sport. In 1966, the two coalitions agreed to merge in the 1970 NFL 18 season. 10 AFL teams join the existing NFL team to form the NFL American Football Conference. The other 13 NFL teams became the National Football Conference. Another result of the merger was the four-year-old AFL-NFL championship, the World Championship of Professional Football, which was renamed the Super Bowl into the NFL championship after the merger.
In the 1970s and 1980s, the NFL reinforced his position as the top American audience movement and an important role in American culture. Super Bowl Most of the time (welcome to gameusd.com buy NFL 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) for an unofficial national holiday and highest ratings for TV shows. Monday night football (Monday night Football), launched in 1970 for the first time, because of its mixed sports entertainment to bring high ratings.
NFL expands to new markets and business adventures. In 1986, the league began a series of pre-NFL 18 season exhibition, known as the US Cup, held outside the United States international locations. In 1991, the league set up the Rugby World League (now the current European American Football League), a German and Dutch team with the development of the Union. The NFL conducted a regular tournament in Mexico City in 2005 and intends to continue the race in other countries. In 2003, NFL founded its own cable TV channel, NFL Network.
Basic equipment editing
American football is a very intense game, blocking, blocking and collision are all races
Colts helmet
Colts helmet
An indispensable part, which can be said to be a major feature of American football. In order to protect the safety of the players, to avoid the players because of injury and delay the game, NFL and NCAA require all players must "wear appropriate and legal protective gear" before they can play.
1900 years ago to play American football, the players are mostly in accordance with personal needs, casually on the shoulder or thigh before the block cloth when the mat, all kinds of strange all have. With the evolution of the rules of the game, the age of the use of the protective gear is also different.
Basically, each player must wear a set of protective gear, from head to toe:

Clash Of Clans Gems  (19)
Clash Of Clans Gems (19)

This is a very interesting question

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Based on two data analysis companies over the past three years, mobile games monthly revenue data, App Store + Google Play monthly global ranking, 36 months, the world's numerous mobile game developers and distributors, can enter the monthly flow Top 10 company Countable (several fixed long-term tyrants, a few few occasional revenue soared into the ranks of rotation):

Tencent games (including Supercell), Netease games, Netmarble (including Kabam and Jam City), MiXi, Activision Blizzard (including King), BanDai NAMCO, MZ, NCSoft, Sony, Gungho Online, Line, Square Enix, Konami, Niantic, Colopl , EA, Gamevil

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According to data such as:

MiXi's Monster Strike

Tencent game king glory, Tianlong eight, Dragon Valley, blood legend (Supercell Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, HayDay)

Netease game fantasy Journey, Westward Journey, Onmyouji

Niantic Pokemon Go

Gungho online Puzzle & Dragon

NCSoft LineAge M

Netmarble LineAge 2: revolution, Raven, Everybody's Marble

Colopl The White cat project, Colopl Rune Story, The World of Mystic Wiz

Candody Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Activision Blizzard (King)

The miracle of the universal network

Clash of Kings

Gamevil Summoners War

Line of Disney Tsum Tsum

Sony's Fate / Grand Order

Ban Dai NAMCO's Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

MZ Game of War, Mobile Strike

The other has not yet entered the data from the monthly company / single game revenue App Store + Google play the world Top 10 (as long as Mobilga.com is the best website to buy cheap Clash Of Clans gems and boosting service or Clash Of Clans Power Leveing. Click Here to buy Clash Of Clans gems the above perennial occupied)

A rigid list, incidentally:

A, classic game, revenue competitiveness can continue to maintain a high standard

B, the market tends to focus on new products do not have enough impact will soon be formed not suited to eliminate

The fourth, the head of the product's revenue capacity is growing rapidly with the market capacity growth

Crazy revenue figures: NCSoft's Lineage M on the first month of estimated revenue of 233 million (1.57 billion yuan) to 268 million US dollars (1.8 billion yuan), before Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution on the first month to create 176 million The dollar (1.19 billion yuan) is already amazing enough

Not long ago we were talking about mobile gaming revenue billions of dollars more and more games

fifa 18 coins (19)
fifa 18 coins (19)

PC version of the online often dropped
Through the relay server, optimize the line
By (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) changing the hosts file
1. The version of the NAT NAT is open, and at least 3659 (UDP) ports are required to be open on the public IP.
2. Test the network between you and the transit server (ping 100), the connection effect is poor (delay is too high / packet loss rate) can not participate, and so on later have a better server The (I was Zhejiang Telecom, delay 40ms without packet loss, I heard that Unicom is also good, the (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) engine room known as Hong Kong to China Telecom CN2, China Unicom chain)
Participation method:
Open the C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts with Notepad and add it at the end
1. # PC 700323-gosprapp1587.ea.com
Optimization effect:
1. Optimize the EA to verify the server's long connection, to prevent the course of the sudden drop in the results caused by loss of EA.
2. Optimize the efficiency of search people, non-working sleep time success rate higher.
3. Optimize the online delay problem, search for people near China, Shanghai, near the players (Asia), by geographical location to reduce the delay.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: the use of the DNS Dafa, but also the use of artifacts, such as Wei ass, SS and so on.
A: If only for FIFA, do not recommend open Wei ass, with the same area with the use of SS better.
Q: Live / PSN / Origin do not have to open SS, will affect the transit?
A: With the relay server location near the SS does not affect, do not recommend open game mode (UDP forwarding), affect the online (personal opinion, please own test).
Q: Where is the transit server?
A: Hong Kong Shatin room, the domestic telecommunications lines have optimized.
Q: Why not provide this line directly to the SS?
A: We are not in the provision of wall services, traffic burden, encryption overhead and firewall interference are affecting the stability of the. Only to provide the designated server transit, so that low traffic stability, a server can carry thousands of players, the effect of good words can be provided free of charge to everyone.
Q: with your transit server, no dropped, but the search results and not a lot of improvement ah?
A: I just optimize this GeoIP, EA will match the use of the Chinese people more than the address pool only (some people hung up the SS can only play with foreigners), is not guaranteed 100% seconds search. The impact of search factors or a lot, such as NAT level is a decisive role in opening up! For example, the region's players are sleeping to work? For example, today's China Unicom are not even on the EA server, this person less half? For example, D10 than D1 Hard to find?


FIFA18 UT how to play FIFA18UT new games are illustrated
This is FIFA18 new UT single mode. You will be able to challenge the star, professional players or star team lineup, win points, rising in the standings. The higher the ranking, the better the reward. The points to win the game are determined by the difficulty and lineup of your choice.

Team Challenge in the form of weekly games, EA will choose every day 4 sets of new lineup. You can view each lineup of custom tactics, formation and chemical reactions.

Daily tasks

This is similar to the previous head coach task. In FIFA18, the completion of the daily and weekly tasks will be the corresponding reward. Tasks include lineup management, buy and sell players, complete the game, new players play and so on. The harder the task, the better the reward will be.

Every day you will get at least five tasks, each person's task will be different.

Every week will refresh a week task, the difficulty will increase, everyone will get the same week task.

These tasks will run through the entire FIFA18, can be done on the phone APP and the game.

Champions Channel Champions Channel

EA finally launched the event back to see the function. In the FIFA18 championship channel, you will be able (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) to see the world's top players in the game in the game video. You can freely fast forward, rewind, adjust the perspective, to study their technical and tactical, to enhance their (Click here to buy fut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) own.

When watching, there will be a timeline prompt. You can jump directly to the skill move, goals, fouls and other wonderful moments.

clash royal gems  (18)
clash royal gems (18)

From the beginning to the end of the game, the red side of the way of playing ideas is not clear, and never used the fireball, the location of the soldier is not right, in Now Clash Royale players can buy cheap Clash Royale Gems and boosting service or Clash Royale Power Leveing from mobilga.com. Players can join groups to play alongside other players. their own routines can not effectively attack when there is no time to make adjustments; Decisive, always hesitant, resulting in the card is not smooth. Relatively red square blue side of the play is very clear, at any time to adjust the offensive mode, the flexibility to use the hands of the card, made the game victory.
Analysis on the Thinking of Attack and Defense in the Three - gun Card Group in the Royal War
All for one, and one for all!

Yesterday to give you the card group is the core of the output of the three Musketeers, three guns this card can be said to be composed of three consumption of 4 gunmen, consumption of 9 points. Injury explosion, since the three guns more easily split, the three guns cost-effective and further improved. Here are the basic data for the three guns:

Analysis on the Thinking of Attack and Defense in the Three - gun Card Group in the Royal War

Three guns in the seventh-class arena to unlock, holy water consumption of 9 points, attack distance of 6 cells, attack speed of 1.1 seconds, both land and air. Specific level data are as follows:

Analysis on the Thinking of Attack and Defense in the Three - gun Card Group in the Royal War

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Analysis on the Thinking of Attack and Defense in the Three - gun Card Group in the Royal War

Card group ideas:

Three guns have a high price, offensive and defensive capabilities are very strong, with a reliable front row can easily remove the tower, easy to get three crowns. In order to ensure that the holy water in the offensive enough, so carrying a holy water collector. Add a small pickup is to understand the goddess, of course, is also used to solve the big flies, and now the big fly attack effect is not very good.

Fire Wizard and Ice Elf card card consumption is very low, and offensive and defensive aspects are relatively strong, can also be used in special circumstances to check.

You can see the card group to join the rolling wood, why use the rolling wood to replace the small electricity? Because a small electric card to help this card is not great, small electric damage is too low, the effect of vertigo in the actual battle to help little. The advantage of rolling wood is that it is relatively high damage, can solve the princess, the Goblin gang and the bucket, and the rolling wood also repulsed the effect, the defense can solve the low blood volume of the rear, with the rolling wood can also be a perfect solution Currents.

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Clash Of Clans' Clashiversary occasion for the amusement's fifth commemoration starts with reduced packs for players in view of Town Hall level. The diversion initially discharged all inclusive on August second, 2012 for iOS, and Supercell is implying at future specials for the amusement's turning point commemoration.Players will see a Clashiversary Pack with various substance and esteem contingent upon their Town Hall level. Players with abnormal state Town Halls have a $19.99 offer that incorporates 2500 pearls, and an asset pack with Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold, which can surpass capacity limits. Supercell claims these assets are justified regardless of a five-times reward over purchasing these assets with diamonds. Players can reserve assets to prepare more costly troops, or set something aside for costly redesigns. In any case, assailants can plunder a great deal of this gold and solution, so players shouldbuy shields or utilize guarded designs that secure the stockpiles.Be that as it may, bring down level players are seeing more affordable packs with bring down reward asset multipliers. Mid-level players are seeing a $9.99 pack with 1200 diamonds and a four-times asset reward. Then, a level five Town Hall gets a $4.99 pack with 500 diamonds and a three-times asset reward.Amazon AppStoreClash Of Clans' Clashiversary occasion for the amusement's fifth commemoration starts with marked down packs for players in view of Town Hall level. The diversion initially discharged all inclusive on August second, 2012 for iOS, and Supercell is indicating at future specials for the amusement's point of reference commemoration.Players will see a Clashiversary Pack with various substance and esteem contingent upon their Town Hall level. Players with abnormal state Town Halls have a $19.99 offer that incorporates 2500 pearls, and an asset pack with Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold, which can surpass capacity limits. Supercell claims these assets are justified regardless of a five-times reward over purchasing these assets with pearls. Players can reserve assets to prepare more costly troops, or set something aside for costly updates. In any case, aggressors can plunder a great deal of this gold and mixture, so players shouldbuy shields or utilize cautious formats that ensure the stockpiles.

Brawl Stars GEMS (12)
Brawl Stars GEMS (12)

Masterpiece behind the worries: play still need to be further improved

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This is not out of nothing. For example, in the game operation, partial rocker operation so that part of the players are not so used, although there is no button to make the operation easier, more concise interface, but also let the hand of the players in the battle when it is difficult to accurately hit the enemy.

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However, according to the author from the comments to understand the situation, in addition to part of the players complained about the role of less optional, there are people who think the hero of the game design is not balanced, because the box is easy to get duplicate props, Players think this is deliberately delay the progress of the game.

Another problem may not be Supercell or "Brawl Stars" itself, that is, the network is poor. Not long ago, Supercell in response to the recent release of Andrews said that the game uses the Canadian local server special system, and Andrew's apk structure makes it easy to spread to the world, which is detrimental to the test, so the short term will not open Andrews test. Similarly, due to this special server system, non-Canadian players can clearly feel the network problem is not surprising.

From the Supercell team in the player forum Reddit reply can know that, "Brawl Stars" this game has been developed for a year and a half, is constantly updated, the company said more models are being developed, but the details of the current details Can be told.
BrawlStars wilderness fighting the most novice Raiders summary zero basic introductory teaching

BrawlStars wilderness chaos believe that many people already know or have played, and has not played for the novice, Xiao Bian for everyone to sort out a game of the latest novice Raiders summary. Hope to help everyone.
1, robbery mode: you will be randomly assigned to the offensive side or defensive side, the attacking party to break the opposite of the chest can be victory, on the contrary, the defensive side of the box at home 2 minutes and 30 seconds without being broken, defensive side victory.

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FIFA 18 Demo demo version will be landing PC / Xbox One / PS4 today

Sports fans players looking forward to the FIFA 18 will soon usher in Demo demo version of the release, than previously announced on September 15 ahead of a few days. The FIFA 18 DEMO demo will be landing PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, temporarily included NS version. This demo will provide ultra-multi-team, the new stadium, upgrade the screen and a richer mode waiting for players to experience  (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Players can choose KICK OFF (fast game) and travel mode: Hunter return two games are played.

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In the fast game mode, players can experience the latest FIFA18 action capture technology, feel the real dribbling system and game atmosphere. When you control star players can experience their unique ball posture and personality to celebrate the way.

In addition to La Liga and the US Federation of the opening of the game broadcast and animation and reality to synchronize, greatly enhanced the game into the sense of substitution.

The courses include the Bernabeu Stadium, the Candy Box Stadium, the Home Depot Center Stadium and the King Fahd King's Stadium.

So FIFA 18 Demo demo version of the team should have 12, they are:

Manchester City - Premier League

Manchester United - Premier League

PSG - French League

Real Madrid - Spanish league

Atletico Madrid - the Spanish league

Bayern - Bundesliga

Juventus - Serie A

Boca Young - A League

Los Angeles Galaxy - MLS American Professional Football League

Toronto FC - MLS American Professional Football League

Guadalajara Athletic - Mexican Super League

Kobe Victory Boat - Japan J League

PC version of the FIFA 18 DEMO through the ORIGIN platform can be downloaded free demo


NFL Referee is not really mistaken for lightning still San Diego

NFL referee did not accept the fact that the lightning team has been relocated to Los Angeles.

In the United States local time Sunday night Los Angeles Lightning team against Denver Broncos's new season opener, the first section of the game 11 minutes 06 seconds left, the lightning team quarterback Philip - Rivers because the venue inside the Dancan fans shout Sound shock days, failed to timely serve the command to convey to their center, so he went to the countdown to 0 seconds before the moment, immediately requested a suspension, to avoid the delay because of the game was fined 5 yards. (Click gameusd.com to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

However, with the professional Rivers is very different, wearing a microphone referee clearly announced: "the first half of the first suspension ... Santiago team ..."

NFL Referee is not really mistaken for lightning still San Diego

As the lightning team in January this year had just decided to move to Los Angeles, so many NFL players and fans have not been able to adapt to the team's new owner, Santiago Lightning team's name is still from time to time in the media reports.

Even the new head coach of the Lightning team Anthony - Lin in his inaugural press conference also appeared slip. He said he was very proud to coached the San Diego Lightning Team instead of the Los Angeles Lightning Team. Realize that the wrong words of the forest immediately corrected, said: "Oh no, I want to say is the Los Angeles Lightning team. (Click gameusd.com to buy Cheap madden 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)